I make paper collage that incorporates elements of theater, literature, architecture, and historical portraiture, as well as the occasional hint of humor. I approach collage as sculptural craft, using tiny pieces of magazine paper to build layered characters and scenes with precise depth, texture, and detail. In my hands, an eye, a stem, a brick yields its former intention and forms a new narrative. I create new worlds, where whimsical and romantic characters and their unsettling environments reveal deeper tensions embedded in societal pressures.

Whether posed as small-scale portraits or staged in larger lyrical works, my collage explores the disparity between personal values and mass culture. Mixing contemporary images and symbols from a largely image-conscious society, I tell intimate and surreal stories
Where light-heartedness challenges an overwhelming sense of unease. 
Where the rules for self-ownership and valuation are undermined by the very world in which they exist. 
Where the histories of our societies, our families, and even our selves, are often half-invented.  
I arrange these moments into celebrations of human fragility.

A self taught artist, Vahge moved to Brooklyn, NY in the fall of 2007, where she currently lives and works. Her collages have been shown and collected worldwide: in Europe, Asia, and North America.  She has created album and promotional artwork for a variety of musical acts and companies.

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